March 13, 2012 Ariane Comments closed Tutorial

You’ll notice that now, when you click on a thumbnail in the Stargate Atlantis gallery, up pops up the image scaled to fit your screen resolution and not the full size image that needs scrolling in all directions like before. This is because I found a Coppermine plugin called enlargeIT and liked it; it makes the presentation of pics more elegant. It is still the full image, but scaled down so you can see it at once (if the image bigger than your screen).

While enlargetIT makes presentation nicer, downloading the pics for the less tech savvy among us might be a little harder so I thought I’d make a brief tutorial on how to do it. Below is a screenshot of top of the enlargetIT window; yours will look the same when you click on a thumbnail.

First, flick on the image above to view it in full size or download it.

Notice the icons at the right:

1. The disc I have marked with a red square in the image will take you to a download page.

2. With the blue arrows to left and right you can move backwards and forwards.

3. For faster navigation, use left and right arrows on your keyboard.

4. Clicking the X closes the image

5. The first button, “i” takes you to image information page.


I hope that helps!


In case you curious and are familiar with how Coppermine works, the reason why we don’t have the intermediate images natively offerered by Coppermine is simply space: the site will be much too big and using them would double or triple or more the space we need (we are talking several extra GBs of space, no MBs). So this is the reason.