February 3, 2012 Ariane Comments closed SGU

The Stargate: Universe screencaps were lost when authorities shutdown Megaupload. At this time, I have no plans to reupload them.

October 1, 2011 Ariane Comments closed SG-1, SGA, SGU

Listing the links as a courtesy to SGA Megaupload/Multiupload rars/zips here caused some confusion because people wouldn’t read I wrote about NOT SUPPORTING THEM anymore, so I have now removed all the SGA and SG-1 rars/zips links from the site to save myself some headache. What is available and supported by me, are the screencaps in the SGA gallery and SG-1 gallery. All screencaps from those two tv series will only be uploaded in the gallery. Deal with it.

All requests to reupload zips/rars will be deleted without reply. If you don’t like galleries, find another screencapper.

In other news, the [stargate] galleries now have a great new theme designed by the talented Carolyn 😀

(SGU rars/zips links still work if Megaupload hasn’t deleted them. Which they hadn’t, as of today.)

December 22, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SG-1, SGA, SGU, Site News

That went faster than I thought – the transfers to Megaupload are all complete. Click the links in the navigation to get the prospective URLs of each series.

November 17, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SGU

I don’t get what’s the big deal with the count down clock on Stargate: Universe. Didn’t they in season 1 at least once prevent the Destiny from jumping into FTL by dialing the Destiny gate from a planet, and having Eli stick his arm into the event horizon on his first trip through the gate? I distinctly remember that happening and Rush or somebody saying that Destiny has a fail safe that prevents it from jumping if the gate is active and there’s material in the event horizon or something like that. Have they all forgotten that? Or did I dream that whole scene up???

October 21, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SGU

I watched Stargate Universe 2×03 Pathogen today, and have three things to say:

– what an collection of incomplete scenes – about every other scene felt incomplete

– Camille Wray and possibly everyone else on Destiny who uses the contact stones to string their significant others along are incredibly selfish. Understandable, but selfish. “No I know it’s been months or a year and we have still no clue on how to operate the ship, or how to return to Earth or even if it ever will be even remotely possible within MY and your lifetime but really it’s that you totally wait for ME without because I get strength from that, that you know I’m here and alive and maybe or maybe not ever get home and really great of you to put your life on hold for ME forever and that we don’t even NEVER EVER have talk about that because of course you automatically and naturally wait for ME to drop in with a stranger face and stranger’s body for a day or to when I feel like it and drop everything just to be with ME even if all the worry and uncertainty and false hope make you a drunk or whatever the main thing here is having you hanging in there limbo for ME to give ME courage and strength to go on and I can’t really let you say anything because you might say you can’t do this anymore or some shit like that so I’ll just hug you tight now ’cause I can’t have you not be MY one and only lifeline”

– somebody please explain to me why Eli’s Mom haven’t been told long before now where her son is? I mean, everybody else’s families know so why no Eli’s??? Also, “we’ll treat your physical AIDS symptoms by having SGC doctor treat you but no we don’t care about your mental well being so we aren’t going to tell where Eli is, what he’s doing, are you going ever see him again, or really even if he still is alive? But don’t worry about the physical symptoms – we got those covered!” WTF!!

Hmm, looking at that, only the first thing is actually about 2×03 Pathogen, and the other two concern actually pretty much the whole series so far. So I’m not going to make a Pathogen review page.

Not gonna cap this episode.

October 17, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SGU

HDTV caps from Stargate Universe 2.02 Aftermath are up. Nothing weeded out.

Rules Of Use:

Files: SGU folder + Mirrors:

2×02-Aftermath.part1.rar (95.8 MB)

2×02-Aftermath.part2.rar (95.8 MB)

2×02-Aftermath.part3.rar (95.8 MB)

2×02-Aftermath.part4.rar (72.8 MB)

July 27, 2010 Ariane 2 comments SG-1, SGA, SGU

Due to a few sick fucks who tried to abuse my site, all three galleries are now visible to members-only until further notice. You have to register (you can see the Register link in the menu on the front page of each gallery) and confirm your e-mail address, but once that is done, you can view everything normally when logged in. I will be monitoring registrations, and everyone who tried to abuse me and the site will be banned.

June 14, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SGU

HDTV caps from 1.19 Incursion, Part 1 and 1.20 Incursion, Part 2 are up at megaupload.

Next gallery update will be SG-1: I’m working through the Continuum caps and will upload those as soon as I’m finished.

May 24, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SGU

Caps from 1.17 Pain and 1.18 Subversion are up at Megaupload!

May 14, 2010 Ariane Comments closed SGU

Stargate Universe 1.15 Lost and 1.16 Sabotage are up at Megaupload.

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